The following tables shows the list of all major changes to Zeobase since it's initial public release.

Version Description
0.9.3 * #4981 - ST Overflow when using Substr function multiple times. Found bug in virtual machine where it was not garbage collecting in some cases.
* #4981 - Increse the size of the string table, even though bug was found.
0.9.2 * Added support for scripting from the unix command line (zeobase -r)
* Commented out most traces of licensing and license codes.
0.9.1 * #851 Added DELETE-CATALOG (zbasic)
* #801 Added CLEAR-STACK (builtin)
* #831 Added COPY-LIST (zbasic)
* #951 Added SAVE-STACK (builtin)
* #941 Added RESTORE-STACK (builtin)
* #891 Added EDIT-STACK (zbasic)
* #961 Added SET-EXIT-VALUE (builtin)
0.9 * #561 Added an upgrade path so that older versions of zeobase can be upgraded directly from the installer.
* #701 Added limited non-recursive Q-Pointer support.
* #1061 Added the UPDATE-MD command to ensure that the MD is up to date and allow for updates.
* #1061 Updated the installer to automatically update your MD file(s) upon installation.
* #921 Implemented the PAUSE TCL keyword (in zbasic)
* #991 Implemented the SLEEP TCL keyword (in zbasic)
* #881 Implemented the EDIT-LIST TCL keyword (in zbasic)
* #861 Implemented the DELETE-LIST TCL keyword (in zbasic)
* #781 Implemented the EDIT builtin, allowing a user to specify a text editor in the config file.
* #721 Implemented limited PHANTOM support.
* #871 Implemented the DISPLAY keyword
0.8.3 * #601 DELETE now looks for an active select list
* #601 ED now looks for an active select list.
* #591 Major changes to the ENGLISH parser to add reliability.
* #591 ENGLISH parser now looks for dictionary items in the dict of MD if they do not exist in the item's dict.
0.8.2 * Issue #651 - added -q option to suppress welcome messages and log info to screen when launching server or starting an interactive session.
* Issue #661 - Removed unused USER.COLDSTART and NEW.RECORD items from DM/MD.
* Issue #671 - Fixed documentation to remove reference non-implemented SETPTR builtin.
0.8.1 * Updated the CREATE-FILE command to allow the creation of DIR type files (Operating system directories).
* Updated the DELETE-FILE command to remove the definitions of DIR type files.
0.8 * Major updates to the command parser to fix issue #651, spaces in command.
* moved the WHO command to be an internal builtin instead of a PA. Issue #621
* Issue #631, added a "-b" flag to launch zeobase in the background and not start an interactive session.
* Issue #631, added a "-k" flag to gracefully shutdown the zeobase server.
0.7 * Fixed problem with editor not releasing file locks in some circumstances.
* License Agreement on installer is easy to scroll through and miss
* License screen mistakenly created a configuration file for 2 users instead of 1000
* Arguments could not be passed to programs ran with "RUN"
0.6 * Fixed bug when logging into any account other than DM
0.5 * Increased default user count to 1000
0.4 * Minor Bug fixes
0.3 * Fixed MD/LOGIN bug that stopped default menu from opening sometimes
* Fixed a bug zeobase server that caused a crash in some circumstances.
0.2 * Fixed installer bug which allowed caused issues installing on some platforms.
* Fixed a bug in screen positioning demo, DRAW.BOX subroutine.
0.1 *First Public Release of Zeobase, A little busted, but worth a look!.