A multivalue-compatible database & development environment

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What the heck is Zeobase?

Zeobase is a simple implementation of a Multivalue compatable database and programming environment. Since starting my professional programming career in 1998, I've been interested in Multivalue (now called NoSQL) databases. This implementation of multivalue is simple, as it's been mostly done as a side project for me for the last 20 years. As such, please don't consider it to be anywhere near production ready. But, if you're interested in a simple, pure, and versitle multivalue database system - Please give it a try!

Although it's simple, Zeobase has a few things going for it:

Fast & Light

For small systems, Zeobase is fast and extremely lightweight. It's contained in a single 200k executable!

Pure C

Zeobase isn't linked with any non-glibc librarys, and is therefore extremely portable. It's pure C, and all from scratch.


The Zeobase server can maintain connections with multiple users and ensures database consistancy.


Maintain all your settings in a single /etc/zeobase/config text file. It only takes a minute to add printers or accounts.

Feature Rich

Although built entirely from my memory, Zeobase contains a rich set of features that you would expect in a multivalue database.


That's right, it's free. Really, we just want people to play with it and report bugs!



  • Changed the default user count to 1000


  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed MD/LOGIN bug that stopped default menu from opening sometimes
  • Fixed a bug zeobase server that caused a crash in some circumstances.